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Booking with UHireCamper

How do I pay for my booking?

After you've submitted a booking request through camplify, the owner will need to then approve the booking before you can pay.  

 Once the owner has approved your booking, a MAKE PAYMENT button will appear at the top of the booking page.

 Hit that button and you will be taken through the following the steps:

  1. Review booking details
  2. Complete profile
  3. Select liability
  4. Payment

 Once you reach the payment step, enter your credit card details and hit submit.  On successful payment your booking is now confirmed.  You'll receive a payment receipt via email, and the motor home owner will be notified that you've made payment.

 Camplify will send you a reminder email leading up to your trip.  Enjoy your holiday!

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Can I cancel a booking?

We appreciate that circumstances can change and that you may need to cancel your booking.

A booking is deemed as cancelled when you click the cancel button on the View Booking page relating to that booking.  

Hirers who cancel a confirmed booking must pay a cancellation fee dependent on how far away the booking is due to start, as follows


  • Up to 31 days prior to the Rental Period You will receive a full refund.
  • Between 30 Days and 14 days to the Rental Period You will receive a 50% refund.  
  • 13 Days or less from the Rental Period You will receive no refund.

Any entitlement to a refund is subject to the Camplify Booking Fee, which is non-refundable and any and all taxes will be retained and remitted. Cleaning fees are refunded if a cancellation is made in accordance with this clause. 

If there is a dispute with the Caravan, Motor home or Campervan Owner regarding cancellation, You must notify Camplify within 48 hours of booking and allow Camplify to resolve the dispute. In extenuating circumstances, Camplify in its sole discretion may waive the operation of the Cancellation policy.

Please refer to our Hirer Contract below for more detail.

Owners who cancel a confirmed booking must return any provided funds via direct deposit to Camplify within 24 hours.  Because cancellations disrupt guests' plans and impact confidence in the Camplify community, penalties will be applied for owner cancellations.  


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Am I paying the owner or Camplify?

All payments are securely held and processed through Camplify. When the hire is completed, Camplify will then forward the final payment to the owner accordingly. 

Transactions made outside the Camplify platform will void payment protection and insurance.  Do not pay money directly to the owner.  Avoid all payments made by money order, wire transfer, PayPal or Bitcoin.

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Does it cost extra for Drop-Off/Set-Up?

Yes, usually. 

Drop-Off/Set-Up is where the Owner takes the vehicle to a holiday location for a Hirer (And is not movable by the Hirer)

We refer to this as the "Relocation Fee" which is added to the booking cost by the Owner before approving the booking -after discussion with the Hirer.

Be mindful that some Owners will only allow their vehicle to be towed/driven by the Hirer, and Drop-Off/Set-Up may not be available. You can check this via the Hire Options listed against the caravan/motorhome you're looking at.

UHireCamper does provide Drop-Off/Set-Up for guests. RV Delivery and setup under 50km $50.00 Per Booking. A relocation fee is charged at the rate of $1.50 per km for this service. 

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How long does it take for the owner to respond to my booking request?

We recommend allowing at least 24 hours for the vehicle owner to respond to your booking request. 

If you’re looking to hire at very late notice, you’re best off giving us a call directly to see how we can assist. 

Australia: 0427 313 313

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Is linen included?

Yes. UHireCamper will provide linen for it's vehicles as part of the booking for an extra fee of $50.00 per hire.

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Why do I need to upload a profile picture at Camplify?

Camplify is a peer-to-peer sharing service.  Many of the owners are private people who are looking to share their caravan/motorhome with camping enthusiasts.

To make owners feel comfortable with you hiring their vehicle, in which they've invested tens of thousands of dollars into, Camplify asks you to have a completed profile on Camplify before you can complete a hire. 

A completed profile includes a photo of you, contact information, and drivers license details.

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What is the Service Fee?

Service Fee is a charge from the owner for each booking to cover the cost of restocking and getting the vehicle ready again for the next hire.  It is a separate fee from the nightly price.   

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How do I change the dates of my booking?

In the event that you need to alter the dates of your booking, the first step is to contact the owner via your Camplify Dashboard and ask whether the vehicle is available for your new dates. You will also need to confirm whether the additional night is being charged, or is complimentary.

 If the owner approves your proposed date change, that's awesome - you have a couple of options from here:

  1. If the booking is more than a week away, please email Camplify (quote your booking number)

  2. If the booking starts within the next week, please call Camplify (quote your booking number)

Again, please get in contact with the owner via the messages for the booking - whether you'd like to extend or reduce the nights of your hire. Doing so via the messaging function for the booking allows the Camplify team to sight confirmation and action immediately. If you contact the owner directly, Camplify have no confirmation records to check against so the booking change will take longer to action on their end.

 If you encounter any issues, let us know, we're happy to help.


Phone: 1300 416 133

Camplify email:   support@camplify.com.au

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Getting Started

How does Camplify work?

Camplify is like Airbnb for caravans, motorhomes, campertrailers, campervans; almost every type of camping vehicle. 

The listings on Camplify's site are owned by everyday private members who love camping and want to make money by sharing their vehicle safely and securely.

To hire a vehicle, click on the "Request To Book" link on our web page.  This will take you to our booking request section for our listing on the Camplify website. Select your dates and send a booking request through Camplify to us and discuss your trip.  Once we approve your booking you can make a secure payment via the Camplify platform.

When the first day of the booking arrives you'll meet with the owner to pick-up the vehicle (we can also drop-off to your holiday location).  We'll guide you though using the vehicle and submit a pre-condition report to the Camplify platform.  On return we submit a post-hire condition report as part of the handover.

All the vehicles are comprehensively insured and we also have 24/7 roadside assistance should you have any problems when you're on hire.

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Am I covered by insurance?

 Yes!  All vans (caravans, motorhomes, campertrailers, campervans, etc) listed on our site are comprehensively insured for hiring.

Camplify has worked with industry leading insurance companies to develop a tailored insurance product for their members. This insurance product ensures that owners are fully protected for any damage that occurs when out on hire.  Hirers are also fully protected for any damage over the Liability Amount which varies depending on the Liability Package selected.  Check the insurance and contract links below for detail.

Hirers must also keep in mind there are ways to breach the rental contract which will render them liable for ALL costs of repairs, replacement, or damage caused.  This includes but is not limited to

Breaches of contract

  • Overhead Damage
  • Underbody Damage
  • An unauthorised driver using the equipment
  • Operating the equipment without a valid drivers license
  • Continuing to use the equipment while damaged unroadworthy, or unsafe
  • Use in prohibited areas include: roads that are prone to flooding or are flooded; beaches, streams, rivers, creeks, dams and floodwaters
  • Using Equipment that is not specially built for off road activity by the manufacturer in an off road environment

Read more on the contract pages:




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What if I break down?

UHireCamper vehicles hired through Camplify are covered by 24/7 roadside assistance.

In Australia Camplify have an exclusive partnership with the NRMA.  

Here's how it works:

Camplify covers the cost for all roadside assistance call outs due to vehicle malfunction, or even locking the keys in the vehicle. This means hirers will be safe and secure while on their trip.

Sometimes, unexpected things happen.  If any type of mishap occurs during the hire, our team and roadside assistance will jump into action.  If any of the following happens during the hire, the hirer won't be out of pocket and the recreational vehicle (RV) will be back on the road quickly:

  • The keys to the RV have been lost (including the replacement cost of any keys and/or entry devices for the vehicle)
  • The keys are locked in the RV
  • Towing because of an RV fault
  • Towing because of a driver error causing a fault to the RV
  • The RV battery is flat
  • The RV has run out of fuel
  • A tyre on the RV requires replacement or repair

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How does the payment process work?

When your booking has been confirmed by us, the next step is to pay for the booking.

We and Camplify first requires a deposit that amounts to 50% of the booking’s total cost. All deposits are due within 48 hrs of being approved for your booking.

The final 50% of the total payment is due 30 days before your hire is set to commence. 

However, if you are booking for hire dates that are less then 30 days away, the first payment will be for the full amount.

In addition to making payment, you're required to have completed your Camplify profile, which includes uploading a clear profile photo.  As a sharing platform, the majority of Camplify owners would like to see a photo of the person who intends to hire their van.

If the deposit payment is not made within 48 hours of your booking being approved, the booking will be cancelled. This then frees up the booking dates for others to select.

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What about road tolls?

Understandably, you may need to take the vehicle through tolled roads.  All our vehicles are fitted with E-tags. Any owed payments will simply be taken from your bond when we present the toll notice to Camplify. 

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Pick-Up and Return

Can I pick up the van early? Or return it late?

Our default time for pick-up is 3pm.  And on the return day it's 10am - 11am.  You can negotiate a earlier or later time by discussing with us. There is an extra fee charged for a different time.

If you're running late on the day of the pick-up or return, contact us as soon as possible.  We may need to make alternative arrangements. Think of it as the same requirements for checking out of a hotel on time. If you're considerably late upon return, the owner has the right to obtain an extra fee from you.

Consult Camplify's hirer contract for more detail, or give Camplify a call.


Camplify Phone: 1300 416 133 


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What is a pre-hire checklist?

pre-hire checklist is an important document that is completed by both yourself and the owner immediately prior to the commencement of the hire. 

Think of it as a conditions report -similar to the commencement of a housing lease. Make sure you thoroughly inspect the van during this time to avoid any potential post-hire discrepancies. 

The pre-hire checklist will take into account the following:

  • Existing condition (interior + exterior)
  • Supplied food/items
  • Existing damage (if any)
  • Fuel + gas levels
  • General cleanliness
  • Bed linen

When you return the vehicle, you and the owner will complete the post-hire checklist. The post-hire checklist has the same purpose to the pre-hire checklist. This is the opportunity for owners to inspect their van for any damage or unexpected uncleanliness. 

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What is the UHireCamper and Camplify hirer etiquette?

  • Respect the owner’s wishes

  • Respect the van as if it was your own

  • Stick to the hiring rules

  • Return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as was in it when you received it

  • Be honest with how you plan to use the vehicle

  • If you’re unsure about something, always ask

  • Return the vehicle as it was when the hire started

  • Report any damage as soon as possible

  • Park in a safe area, away from loose branches etc

  • Be honest and respectful when reviewing your hiring experience


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Where do I collect the motor home?

We are based in Nerang on the central Gold Coast, Qld only 5 minutes from the M1 at Exit 73. This location is very easy to get to. If you are taking an Uber from the Gold Coast airport, allow 35mins.

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What time do I pick up and drop off the motor home?

The standard pick-up time is 3pm, with a drop-off time of 10am - 11am on the day of conclusion of hire. There is an option to request an early pick-up for an additional fee (from 12pm), or late drop-off (no later than 2pm), however this depends on vehicle availability.

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General Hire Question

How many people can the vehicle carry?

The Matilda Henry motorhome sleeps 6 and can carry 6 people (maximum). The vehicle is fitted with two child seat anchors (you need to supply and fit your own child seat). The child seat anchors are located in the motorhome forward facing dining seat. Seating is NOT suitable for small children requiring special child restraints. All passengers must be minimum of 145cm in height due to having only lap belts in motor home house area. Cab area has lap and sash seat belts. The motorhome is perfect for families.

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Is there a minimum hire period?

Yes! The UHireCampers vehicles currently have a minimum 2-night hire period. The maximum hire period is only limited by other bookings

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Is there a minimum age for the driver?

All drivers must be aged over 30 years and have at least 2 years of driving experience in Australia, and hold a valid Australian Open Drivers Licence. Drivers licence must be minimum of LR (Light Rigid truck licence).

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What do I need to bring with me when I collect the motor home?

You will need to bring your Australian Drivers Licence, as well as the licence for any additional driver (a maximum of 2 people can be listed as drivers). Please note; learners permit, provisional licence or other restricted licences are not accepted. Drivers licence must be minimum of LR (Light Rigid truck licence).

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Are UHireCamper vehicles dog and pet friendly?

No, unfortunately we don't allow any of our four-legged friends to travel in any of the UHireCamper motorhomes.

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What's included in the price?

The daily hire rate for UHireCamper motor homes includes comprehensive insurance and road-side assistance, plus all of the essentials including camping table and chairs, full bottle of gas, picnic mats, kitchen essentials, cushions and more including.

Shower and Toilet                                  Air Conditioner                                      TV
Cutlery and Plates Microwave Fridge
Heating Gas Tanks Solar Panels
Awning Reversing Camera Camping Table and Chairs  
Gas Cooktop Gas Oven Range Hood

Optional Free Use – Anti-Theft Rotary Steering Wheel Lock 
Optional Free Use – Battery Analyser – Plug in 
Optional Free Use – Clothes Line – Portable Foldup 170cm Ht 
Optional Free Use – Clothes Pegs 1 pkt 
Optional Free Use – Fuel Cannister – 20L Diesel (Yellow) 
Optional Free Use – Jug – Electric 240v 1.7L 
Optional Free Use – Sunshade – 2 x Static Single Side Windows 
Optional Free Use – Sunshade – 2 x Front Windscreen Sun Shade 
Optional Free Use – Tyre Pressure Gauge 
Optional Free Use – 4 Ports USB 12V Multi Socket Car Cigarette Lighter adapter

Optional Hire – Generator Gentrax 3.5kva $15.00 per night 
Optional Hire – Motorcycle Carrier Rack $20 per hire 
Optional Hire – Motorcycle Motorbike Cover $30 per hire. 
Optional Hire – Motorcycle Yamaha XT250 $30 per night.

Linen: Fresh linen (bath towels, hand towels, tea towels, sheets, duvets, pillows sleeping bags and liners) are $50 per booking.

All you need to bring are your clothes, food and toiletries.

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Where can I travel and stay?

Whether you prefer staying at popular camp grounds or caravan parks with all facilities, or wish to experience the freedom of off grid "free camping" you can do it both in the UHireCamper Matilda Henry.

Contact us for some great ideas, itineraries and tips on the best places to stay in south-east QLD and northern NSW.

Wherever there's a sealed road you can travel and explore. North to Darwin or Cooktown, south to Melbourne, or west to Perth UHireCamper Matilda Henry can go. From relaxing Byron Bay stays, to scenic drives through the Granite Belt and Stanthorpe region, or living it up on the Sunshine or Gold Coasts, we can help you plan your perfect getaway. But make sure you book well in advance of expected travel dates to ensure availablity of the motor home.

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How many kilometers can I travel?

The daily travel allowance is 150km, which entitles the hirer to drive the vehicle for an average of 150km for each night booked, for free. Beyond this allowance, a $0.50/km fee is payable on the excess kilometres. If you are planning to drive more than 1,000km from the Gold Coast, please let us know when making a booking enquiry (trip must be authorised).

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Will I be shown how to use everything?

YES most certainly! Our comprehensive motorhome introduction on pick-up takes around an hour, and you will be shown how to use all of the vehicle's systems, as well as have the opportunity to ask any questions. In addition to this, there is a full Instruction Manual inside each motorhome, for use during your trip. And of course, we are only ever a text message or phone call away and are more than happy to assist with any questions.

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Can I stay in a Caravan Park?

Yes, you may stay at any Caravan Park (subject to their booking restrictions), or you may stay at "free" camps. It's your choice. Operation of all major electrical appliances in the UHireCamper motorhomes require connection to a standard 15A mains power source available at powered caravan sites. The compatible 15A (wide earth pin) extension lead is provided free as part of hire. 

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What do I need to bring?

We recommend bringing toiletries, medications, sunscreen, insect repellent, a broad-brimmed hat and beach towels, indoor shoes. And don't forget your comfortable clothes, a good book and your walking shoes! You also need to bring your own food and drinks. Apart from that we can provide you with most eveything else you may need on your holiday.

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Do I need a deposit at time of booking?

Yes, all of our bookings are through Camplify, with a 50% deposit required to secure your dates. The balance payment is due 30-days out from your hire. Once a booking is approved, the motorhome is automatically made not available to other potential hirers for the booked dates.  Therefore, if the deposit is not paid to Camplify within 48 hours of booking approval, the booking will automatically be cancelled so it becomes available once again to other potential hirers.

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Can I change the dates of my booking?

We will do our best to assist with any changes, but cannot guarantee that changes can be made, due to vehicle availabilty. Please note that bookings during certain time periods (during peak season) cannot be changed; however, in some instances, changes may be permitted but an additional charge may be imposed.

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Can UHireCamper deliver the motorhome to me?

Yes, We do offer pick-up and drop-off of motorhomes from our location in Nerang, on the Gold Coast. We can deliver up to 100km from our base location.  Relocation fee is $50.00 plus $1.50 per km. If you want us to pick up from your location at the end of the hire period the same cost structure applies. 

Example: Your delivery location 60km from base → 60km x $1.50 = $90 + Relocation fee $50.00 total $140.00 one way or $240.00 for two way.

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Do I pay for tolls?

Yes, the UHireCamper vehicles are fitted with an e-tag, so any tolls will be charged to our account automatically. Tolls are payable on return of the vehicle (just let us know if you passed through any toll points).

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Last update: Sat 20 Jul 18:09

Who can drive the motorhome?

The only person who may drive the UHireCamper motorhome is the Hirer, plus up to one other additional driver. Both drivers need to message us a picture of their driver's licence (front and back) at time of booking approval. In addition, both drivers need to provide their drivers licence on pick-up of the motorhome. If you forget to bring your licence you will not be able to proceed with the hire. No other person is authorised to drive the UHireCamper vehicle at any time during the hire period.

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Can I hire directly through UHireCamper?

All bookings for UHireCamper motorhomes are through Camplify's secure online booking system. This means that all hires are covered for both insurance and roadside assistance during the hire period.

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